"Tourrorists!" (Abduction 034) 2006
Let's Roll. Abduction Records presents the fourth full-length from Oakland, California's one-man detonator, POREST. "Tourrorists!" is a diabolical luxury excursion through swirling Mid Eastern psych-rockers, contraband cut-ups, illegal pop epics, instrumental songs of political sabotage and belittling little ditties about travel, terror and more. This album is a lit-fuse, bound to be banned! Featured are special musical guests including Finland's Aavikko. Discover the awful truth about becoming a U.S. citizen. Bear witness to the tragic disco anthem of a Guantanamo escapee. Learn the inner-secrets of an emerging global cannibalism trade and get powerful information on some of the most exciting terror cells operating both in and outside of the United States today! 5,000 Americans died to bring you this album...and 5,000 more will die if you don't buy it RIGHT NOW!!!

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"Mood Noose" (Resipiscent 006) 2005
The third Porest full length is an eclectic spectrum of harnessed multi-instrumental chaos in the form of razor-scored melodies, anthro-apologist cut-ups, brute ambience, mythological dramatizations and swirled radio psychedelia. It's a very sexy schizophrenia when you travel up so many pigeon holes that you can't distinguish limber noise antics from rewritten histories, but therein lies a friendly noose with your name written all over it! So suck on this perverted whim-sickle as you're strong-armed into a third world of original and stolen sound.... where lethal 14th century field recordings cuddle with flatline, drunken domesticity in a festive, fertile melancholy...where conspiratorial bird calls pay homage to serpentine vaudevillian charlatans at 10-cent jazz gigs before reciting the poetry to end all genders. "Mood Noose" is the relative antithesis of aural SPAM...a scrubber for the bloody stuff past your ears. So get hung up NOW before someone spoils it all by cutting you down!
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"I Remember Syria" (Sublime Frequencies 009) 2004
This 2-disc release will induce hallucinatory armchair culture shock to those who know how to listen with three ears. Recorded and surgically assembled in Porest fashion from two trips to the magnificent country of Syria in 1998 and 2000, it's a jaw-dropping expose' of music, interviews, radio collage, news fragments and field recordings from one of the least-known quarters of the Arab world. Syria has been politically and culturally exiled for decades by the Western media, leaving little known of its rich heritage of art, music and culture. This is a unique sound document from a small but highly influential corner of the Middle East currently charting high on the list of endangered Arab republics.
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" Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger" (Seeland 528) 2003
Porest's debut full-length CD is a collection of rearranged sonic realities strategically stacked with maniacal cut-ups, exploitative pop tunes, hilarious dialogues and imaginary radio dramas. Somewhere between the manic and the meditative, "Prude Juice" blurs the truth and lies about sheep, laws, paranormal misogyny, Gamelan-soaked war veterans and diseases known well to those who have ever reluctantly caressed the cancerous underbelly of Americana. Porest spits the distilled juice all over the concrete and pieces the tiny pillage back together like an insolent jigsaw.

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